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Over the last 20 years, I have spent a great part of my career creating opportunities for dancers to discover, develop, and demonstrate their passion for dance. I have met this challenge while being broke, scared, tired, and lost. But when you know the calling on your life, giving up is not an option.


Dance has been such an amazing gift to me. Some of the most devastating moments in my life happened in and through dance. However, I have experienced some of my greatest joys and accomplishments as a dancer and a creative. It wasn't that long ago that I found myself unable to afford rent or gas. Fast forward a few years, I get to lead a company that builds community for women (Hip Hop Heels), and another that still remains the largest celebration of hip hop dance in the south (Dallas Hip-Hop Dance Festival). The weekly sold out classes are simply the icing on the cake.


This podcast will cover a wide variety of topics - dance, business, love, leadership, God, finances, sex/sexuality, fitness... LIFE. My goal is to streamline my resources and knowledge to help dancers (and anyone who will listen) create a life worth dancing for. Throughout my life and career, one thing has become very apparent - when all is said and done, what truly matters in life and yes, in dance, happens beyond the dance floor.

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