The Vision Board

Being an entrepreneur is a title I tend to run away from. I like to think of myself as a visionary. Seeing things for what they could be and never loosing sight of that but always evolving. Creating each of these brands has fueled my soul. However, what renews my passion daily is to know that my life is a living testimony of what hard work married to a life of serving others looks like. One day I was faced with the question of naming 5 women that I admire and look up to. When I realized that I could name myself, my heart almost skipped a beat. Over the course of 30 something years, I had managed to create a woman that I would be proud to look up to, flaws and all. It's a magical feeling. I quietly wrote down the words, " That's ME. I AM HER." 

The brands below are my heart and soul, or as I fondly call them, "My brain children." Giving birth to each of them came with its fair share of pain and joy. Just like with any living child I have to feed and nurture them, discipline them and love them. Whether you join me in class at Hip Hop Heels, or on the stage at Dallas Hip-Hop Dance Festival, welcome to the family! 

“Executing great vision with a sucky attitude leads to a bad or subpar experience, and sometimes a bad or subpar product.” 

                                                             - Geena

“When you pursue your passion with excellence, you discover your purpose.” 

                                                             - Geena

Hip Hop Heels


Dance Floor

Hip-Hop Dance 


Hip-Hop Dance 




Alter'd Ego