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Healed & Pain Free

I honestly don't remember the date, but I remember very vividly how it happened.

For YEARS I have struggled with severe arthritis in my lower back. One day I was in my apartment in Frisco, bent down to pick up a basket of laundry and was stuck. One of the most excruciating pains I have ever felt in my life. An emergency chiropractor visit and some physical therapy and I was back to dancing. Let's be honest, I never really took total care of everything. My doctor at the time prescribed some strong meds and that's really helped get me through the really bad days.

Fast forward a few years...

As I became engulfed in the production world, this pain just didn't seem to subside. Super late nights, and super early mornings. Limping through the pain until I got home to take an anti inflammatory and a muscle relaxer so I could make it through the next day. Thank God I don't have an addictive personality because those meds are not for the weak. #HorsePills. LOL.

Fast forward another few years...

I can't recall if it was an Easter or Christmas production at church. Pastor Clay sees me limping and asks if I'm okay. Normally I would say I'm okay, no biggie. But that day, I chose to speak the truth, and said I was in a lot of pain but making it through. Of course I told him not to worry cuz I'm a G and I'll be alright. We were about to wrap up for the evening, when he sees me again on stage. He calls for Pastor Whitney and says, "... we need to pray for Geena. She's in pain. Can you lay hands on her hip and pray for her?" Let me tell you something, never in my life has that ever happened and quite frankly I was a little weirded out but I said cool let's pray. I thanked them, and gave them a hug and went on about my evening to close up for the day cuz who was ready to be home??! Me!

Never really thought about that day again until I was working another production ... As per usual I was ready to start my pain meds that night in preparation for the week ahead. Came home, nothing. No pain. Nada. I kept thinking ... okay that's strange. I did things that would normally cuz pain in that area to try and trigger something ... NOTHING. If you know me well, say it with me ... BLESS THE KING!!!! I see you Whitney Craft Jones!!! With your healing hands of prayer! You better let the good Lord use YOU sis!!! Yassss! In 2021 I shared with her the miracle that was my healing. After living in pain for years, to be able to bend forward like a normal person and not wince in pain... My God TODAY!

Fast forward to 2022...

We were preparing for our Easter production at church. I walked up to Pastor Whitney and said, "Remember when I told you about my hip and you and PClay prayed for me? Remember when I said it was healed? Well, now the other side is a mess. Lol."

First of all, it was hard for me to ask for prayer again. I never asked the first time. But I knew if God did it once, He could do it again. I asked for prayer that day jokingly, but deep down inside I was hoping she would pray for me again and God would heal my left hip. She asked Morgan Littauer who was sitting next to her if she could join in praying for me right there. And they did. That pain was is in the top 3 worst pains of my life. And I have lived through appendicitis, in Africa.

I love traveling, but traveling was hard because sitting down for long periods of time was hard. I love to exercise but that was hard because the pain was intense. If I was driving for more than 3hrs, I had to sit on a memory foam pillow because the pain was unbearable. Often I would lean over on one side to try and alleviate the pain.

Easter 2022 was the last time I remember feeling pain in my left hip.

When you hear me bless God's name, know that I have reason to. I don't just bless His name in the good times. Because even in the pain, I still blessed His name. Through the pain, I was grateful. And in His healing, I am even more grateful.

Pastor Whitney, I already told you in person. Thank you for being obedient, not just as it relates to this post. But for being obedient always. You have one of the purest hearts I know, and I am forever grateful for you and PClay. Morgan Littauer, sis, I love you always. I am grateful that you all believed God could use you to heal me through prayers. And I am so grateful that we are all alive to witness a real time miracle.

God, I thank you.

Why this loooong story?

When you say you're going to pray for people, pray for them. Let God use you!

When you experience a miracle, share it. People need to know that God is alive and well, and that He is still very much in the miracle making business. #HeIsAMiracleWorkingGod (if you know it sing it!)

In ALL things, praise His name!


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