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Quit Being Greedy

Dear Dance choreographers,

We expect you to charge your clients and students full price. As you should. Charge your price, and charge what you are worth. And the church said? AMEN. And I really mean that.

However, majority of us don't have a physical space that we own to conduct our business out of. Thus we must rely on our studio owner to provide us space to conduct our classes, private lessons, workshops, etc.

That being said, the studio you are booking reserves the right to charge you SOMETHING for using their space. You are not "entitled" to free rent because you teach at a studio. Y'all stop this madness. If you go above and beyond and they offer you a break, great. If you work out a deal with the owners, great. However [COMA] until that happens, fix yourself and charge your price accordingly. Because unless you plan to choreograph in the dark, not turn on the AC, and not use the restroom while you are there, they too must charge their price. And in most cases, it's a very nominal fee. #BareMinimum Not sure how and why we get off thinking that dance studios (and their owners) owe us something because we have 'x' amount of followers, or we are so-and-so.

If you are charging for your services, they have the right and should charge you a rental fee. And that's on business 101. Quit being greedy. Your followers and social media status does not pay the bills.


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